MnDOT Mendota Heights Truck Station

Mendota Heights, MN

The Greater Twin Cities area has been growing at a steady rate for more than four decades, and several metro communities now have increased maintenance and staffing needs at the municipal level. Not only are vehicles larger and storage requirements greater, but city personnel have higher expectations for what a comfortable, accessible, and equitable workplace should provide.

In the inner-ring suburb of Mendota Heights, across the river from St. Paul, the city’s truck station was greatly in need of expansion. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) approached Kodet Architectural Group to design a new addition to the Mendota Heights facility as well as remodel select portions of their existing 1980’s-era building.

Expanding the station involves far more than scaling up and doubling the capacity for heated truck parking. Kodet’s design team orchestrated a careful sequence of demolition, renovation, and construction measures to ensure a continuum of work with minimal disruption to daily operations. Part of the existing two-story building, which housed the city’s Bridge Crew, Construction Storage, and Repair Bays, was removed. In its place, both the bridge and maintenance repair teams are expanding to each have three truck bays, with additional space for mobile lifts, storage, and fluid distribution. Dedicated washing bays are being added as well for better plow maintenance while helping decrease humidity levels inside the station.

MnDOT and Mendota Heights are also equally intent on creating a high-performance facility. Kodet is following Minnesota B3 Guidelines to meet sustainability standards for energy reduction, building materials, water use, acoustic performance, indoor air quality and more. For the remaining portion of the existing building, upgrades include new energy efficient lighting, sprinkler systems, ceiling panels and exterior roofing, and modifications to mechanical systems. A new women’s locker room, a gender-neutral restroom/locker room, and a private quiet area/nursing room are all being introduced as well.