Bloomington, MN

The Bloomington Public Works Facility was remodeled and an addition was added to better serve the City of Bloomington.  Kodet Architectural Group expanded the office area and a repair bay and truck garage were included. The area of the facility increased from 28,286 square feet to 117,775 square feet. Exterior site planning and site reuse was utilized to provide the City of Bloomington with a total Campus Master Plan. By renovating and remodeling the office portion of the Bloomington facility, the building’s impact on the environment was reduced, compared to total demolition and new construction.

Office Remodel – Space Plan
In 2011, Kodet Architectural Group worked with the City of Bloomington on an office remodeling project at their Public Works Facility. The team worked closely with the staff to determine the type of office space layout that would work best for them. Several space plan options were created (see above).

Design elements that make these spaces successful include:

  • Planning for spaces that take into account daily activities and creating ample storage space for records, plans, etc.
  • Balancing natural and artificial lighting to provide a comfortable work space.
  • Acoustical design that controls sound from interior and exterior environments.