Coon Rapids Public Works Facility

Coon Rapids, MN

The Coon Rapids Maintenance Facility project was a two-phased project.  The first phase was a straightforward addition for heated storage.  The existing building was a precast structure and the new addition was designed to match its concrete panels.

Kodet Architectural Group added a mezzanine as well as other interior amenities to make the building function better.  In addition, energy efficient heating and ventilation systems were a part of the overall design. One of the key elements was to design the facility to accommodate bad soil conditions. Located on an extremely flat site, the design took into account drainage and environmental concerns. The building was modular in nature, which provided for cost saving and ease of construction. The final cost was 21% under budget and the building was completed early for occupancy.

In the second phase, Kodet worked with the City of Coon Rapids to design a garage addition that included heated storage and a vehicle repair space.  Kodet remodeled the existing building to provide more efficient office areas, an enlarged day lit lunch room, better storage, and more staff support areas.