MnDOT Maple Grove Maintenance Facility

Maple Grove, MN

The MnDOT Maple Grove building is a new facility that combines the functions of the Golden Valley and Maple Grove Maintenance Facilities into one building.  This building functions as a hub for MnDOT, providing 34 vehicle maintenance stalls, four large welding bays, as well as space for 27 vehicles in heated storage.

The Field Supply Inventory Center is designed to be in the center of the building, providing access internally to both maintenance + repair, as well as external access for other MnDOT Truck Stations in the metro area. A loading dock provides for efficient MnDOT Crew access and vendor access. Kodet followed the Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MnB3) in the design. Kodet also used computer 3D modelings for renderings for staff meetings and cost estimate takeoffs.

Design Options + Budget

Kodet understood the importance of creating innovative design options while staying within the project budget. The Kodet team developed design options with the possibility of future expansion as the Northwest metro area experienced growth. Owner-requested upgrades were included as alternates to ensure the bids came in below budget.

In working with MnDOT and the site’s staff, we developed designated, flexible spaces for staff training, meetings, crew staging, and breaks. The Kodet Team worked closely with the Steering Committee to ensure all programmatic needs were met during the design phase, tailoring design options to meet their present + future needs.