Bloomington Storage Garage

Bloomington, MN

Bloomington Storage Building is located on the same site as the Bloomington Public Works facility. The building houses major city functions such as a wash bay, police storage (SWAT team and Mall of America police support gear), public works warehouse, and vehicle storage.

The wash bay is designed to provide vehicle washing for multiple vehicle sizes, from cars to large road equipment. It is designed with catwalks on each side for washing high areas of equipment as well as fully cleaning the underside of equipment. The bay is designed for low maintenance and ease of use for minor cleaning and major drenching of equipment subject to mud and ice.

The police storage provides for storage of large tactical equipment. As a high security space, the area provides storage for new federally funded equipment, tactical gear, emergency equipment and support equipment as the department determines. It is designed for quick response and provides space for bomb response gear and other high end security demands.