Williston Public Works

Williston, ND

With the rapid expansion of Williston, North Dakota caused by the late 2000’s oil boom, demand for city services greatly increased. Kodet worked with the City to define program and design of this new 96,000 sf public works facility which features a two-story office space and 42,000 sf of heated vehicle garage space.

At the onset of the project the Kodet team engaged with the City of Williston, staff, and stakeholders to establish and the vision for the facility. Through meetings and questionnaires the team was able to strengthen their understanding for the space and more accurately identify opportunities.

Core concepts for the design team included assuring the design of the building would strengthen and enhance staff productivity and use space efficiently for the storage and repair of vehicles. The office layout aims to provide a welcoming environment for both guests and employees, yet allows for security between the public and staff. In addition, offices were designed to provide needed privacy for management.  The lunch room + restrooms are zoned to remain accessible to the public for after-hours community events when the rest of the building is secured.

To assure the new facility will meet the needs of the City well into the future, Kodet has selected highly durable interior and exterior materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a public works facilities. For the exterior Kodet selected precast concrete panels for the vehicle storage garage, which are protected by large bollards to prevent vehicles and snowplow damage of the walls and doors. At the office area, the design team selected an exterior of durable cast stone below the windows with metal cladding above.

This project is currently under construction, please stay tuned for updates!