Hmong College Prep Academy

St. Paul, MN

Hmong College Prep Academy is a growing charter school that was relocated into a building that was originally a health club.  In Phase I, Kodet Architectural Group worked with the staff and administration to remodel the unused and under-utilized spaces into nine new classrooms, including art and choir, and an expanded lunchroom.  In addition, restrooms were moved out of the gym and small locker rooms added.  This allowed the basketball court to be reoriented into a high school-sized court.

At the main entrance, offices were expanded to provide areas for private consultation.  Improved control over the main entrance was also achieved.  On the second floor, an administration area and conference rooms were enclosed to allow for staff development and group projects.

In Phase II, new storage and workout spaces were added to the gym.  Phase III recently finished construction adding a high school addition with 24 new classrooms, a more welcoming entrance, and a 477-seat theater with full stage, green room, production area, and more.

Further supporting academic and community interests, the addition is pursuing LEED® certification through the U.S. Green Building Council to make tangible the good stewardship practices Hmong College Prep Academy promotes daily in the classroom.

Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd. also helped Hmong College Prep. Academy receive a positive “Review and Comment” statement from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) regarding the new construction.

If your school is looking for personnel to guide you through the Review and Comment process please contact us let us help.