Twin Cities Academy

Minneapolis, MN

TWIN CITES ACADEMY is a tuition free public charter middle and high school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Previously renting an old elementary school, TCA needed to relocate into a facility that would promote their vision of empowering and inspiring young adults to make a difference. Partnering with Kodet Architectural Group, TCA was able to build a new school that was both cost-effective and better suited for their needs.


The new site for TCA was previously used by Cemstone Products Company. Fly ash was found during the soil boring survey, classifying the site as a brownfield, or a former industrial site with environmental contamination.  Through a collaborative effort between the civil engineer, contractor, school, and the architect, the site was able to be remedied into a healthy site for new construction. The windows panel was made with double glazing to keep the temperature at the school cool.


Instead of simply tacking additional square footage onto the existing building, the owner and architect carefully evaluated their program needs. Kodet Architectural Group found efficient solutions to maximize the success and growth of TCA. The resulting design is actually less square footage than the building TCA was previously renting. Less in indeed more; the new TCA gives a space suitable to the current and emergent needs of their staff and students, while in turn increasing savings for the school.


Rapidly changing technology was out of reach for TCA to integrate into their old building. The architects at Kodet Architectural Group worked to seamlessly bring technology into the new building as an enhancement to classroom learning, not a distraction. Having today’s technology, along with the framework for tomorrow’s, gives the school greater opportunity to stay competitive and continue to grow.


The new Twin Cities Academy provides the school with a permanent presence in the neighborhood. Utilizing a previously desolate site, the building returns value to the community. The school promotes pride and community amongst staff and students, giving a facility that designed and built with integrity.