Hmong College Prep Academy Elementary Addition

St. Paul, MN

Hmong College Prep Academy is a growing charter school in St. Paul that relocated to an existing building and has been remodeling to fit their expanding program ever since. The building which was originally a health club, needed transformations to fit the vibrant elementary, middle, and high school programs. Kodet has worked with the school since 2007 on four phases of additions and remodeling.

The fourth phase of the Hmong College Prep Academy campus focused on 87,000sf elementary addition, which includes 47 classrooms, gymnasium, parking ramp, and a turf field with that is covered by an air supported dome during winter.

The school aimed to increase their after school + athletics programs which called for including a 10,000sf gymnasium that can be split into three separate spaces allowing gym classes or sporting events to occur simultaneously.  In addition to the turf field and sports dome the school is able to host numerous sporting and school events throughout the year.

The elementary school addition is attached to the existing building and remodeled the existing gym to add additional classroom and shared space which has allowed elementary students to spread out from the middle school and have their own spaces for music and art. With their new classrooms and support areas, Hmong Academy furthers their goals of providing a well-rounded educational and cultural environment to an ever-growing population within our community.