Pleasant Hill Library

Hastings, MN

Kodet Architectural Group is working with Dakota County to renovate and add a 1,500 sf addtion to the Pleasant Hill Library in Hastings, MN.  The 16,500 sf building built in 1994, and remained bereft of any renovations during its 25-year lifespan. The facility needed an upgrade to meet the needs of a 21st century library.

Three main forces have driven the County’s decision to remodel and expand the library. After conducting research, it was determined the library needed more meeting space, a redesigned children’s area, and overall updates. As such, the team is expanding the community meeting room to hold up to 100 people, designed a larger themed children’s area for the library, and has added a maker space to update programming. The remodel is also addressing the needs for upgraded furniture, a reorganized entry, improved library circulation, as well as upgrades to technology.

Other improvements include:

  • Addition to a family restroom
  • Improved staff workroom efficiency
  • Installation of automated material handling system
  • Creation of outdoor . patio space
  • Redesigned ‘living room’ reading areas

The Kodet project team has also paid close attention to Hastings’ historic character, seeking to incorporate the city’s characteristics into the library for a true sense of place. The team emphasized the importance of the library’s book collection, community feedback, and staff input throughout the design process.  These considerations shaped the project direction and allowed the team to prioritize elements of the renovation.