Dred Scott Wheelhouse

Bloomington, MN

Completed in 2020, Dred Scott Wheelhouse serves 4 playfields in Bloomington, MN. The new building is central to the park and offers concessions, restrooms and storage for patrons.

Kodet Architectural Group continued its long-standing relationship with the City of Bloomington to design and build a new softball support park building. This park building is located at the center of the four play fields and features space for concessions, restrooms, softball equipment storage and mechanical equipment.

The building replaced an existing building that no longer met ADA requirements, and had become functionally obsolete. Kodet arranged the demolition of the old building in close coordination with the City’s softball tournament schedule.

Our design team, led by Mike Schellin and John Brandel, worked with user groups, neighbors, park maintenance and City staff to develop the design, incorporating feedback from each of these stakeholders. Our team is also performing in-house cost estimating for the project, all of which will be shared with the Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission and the Bloomington City Council.

The new facility is designed to accommodate more flexibility and storage. It also features a new covered canopy picnic area, centrally located between the concessions and restrooms. This allows for maximum visibility of all functions, enhancing the safety and functionality of the park. Durable, contemporary materials were used for the project, to enhance the character of the park and limit maintenance.

Take a tour with Deb Williams, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor and Evyn Hubbard, Recreation Supervisor, to see the finished wheelhouse and hear about the innovative and effect ways it will serve the vibrant community of Bloomington!