Baker Golf Course Program Building

Medina, MN

Located in Medina, the Baker Golf Course Program Building serves a wide variety of recreational activities year-round. During the summer it provides program rental space, general golf course use, and a pro shop. During the winter months it serves as a ski rental facility. With its low, overhanging cedar roof and integrated planters, the building blends with the natural setting. Practical considerations called for large, open glazed areas throughout the building to provide views of the golf tee areas and a distant lake.

The building’s exterior combines cedar shingles, narrow bevel siding, and clad windows.  These low maintenance natural materials will provide Three Rivers Park District and its visitors with years of rustic charm. The site selection and aesthetics are responsive to the building’s high visibility and contoured terrain.  Materials were chosen to work in cooperation with an existing barn and maintain the economy and longevity of means.