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Innovation Hub

SHAKOPEE + SCOTT COUNTY INNOVATION HUB We are excited for this opportunity to work with the City of Shakopee + Scott County! To download our interview presentation, please click here! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us! Our office phone is (612) 377 – 2737 | Daniel’s email is and Kyle can be reached at OUR TEAM + OUR FIRM About Kodet Architectural Group + Our History Daniel Kodet, AIA, CID  |  Kyle Palzer, AIA  |  Mike Schellin, AIA, CID  |  Teri Nagel, CSI, LEED AP BD+C   PROJECT EXPERIENCE Dakota County | Pleasant Hill Library Remodel Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf | Wilkins Hall New Construction Hmong College Prep Academy | Phase I – IV Hennepin County Government Center A4 | HR Department Remodel Ramsey County | IPR Remodel YOUR INNOVATION HUB To start thinking about your space, we have created 3 models to diagram programmatic needs addressed in the RFP and feasibility analysis that will make up the Innovation Hub. As a conversation starter, we’ve massed together possibilities when thinking about public/private spaces, entrepreneurial opportunities, green space, co-working options and more. We also started consider site context and how the building will respond to its location, circulation and parking. Option 1 | Large green space on street level with training and entrepreneurial space having their own floors. Option 2 | Mixed use ground floor with a combination of training and entrepreneurial space on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Option 3 | Another configuration of a mixed use ground floor with training and entrepreneurial space building up in their own “towers” with shared roof patio. RELEVANT TO YOUR PROJECT Kodet created a video series related to library design and some of the spaces seem to be similar to the programs included […]


UPDATE | Friday, March 27, 2020 We’ve been closely monitoring the unfolding situation of the spread of COVID-19. So far, we have taken the following steps to comply with local emergency measures and to operate with caution for the safety of our clients, employees, and the community: According to the Governor’s Orders, architecture is exempt from shelter in place. Our Minneapolis office will remain open with limited staff spread across our 3 floors – we are still working remotely and collaboratively to meet project goals. We have increased office cleaning to disinfect shared surfaces on a regular basis as recommended by the CDC. Kodet has given our staff the option to work from wherever they feel safe, so a portion of our employees are working remotely. All business travel has been restricted until further notice. All in-person communications have moved to virtual collaboration platforms. We are following all CDC guidelines as they evolve during this situation in order to minimize risk. If someone becomes exposed or infected, we have healthcare and sick time benefits to provide this person with access to medical care and downtime needed for recovery. We are dedicated to providing uninterrupted service to our clients and are committed to continuing to meet project objectives and deadlines. We appreciate your support as we implement measures to do our part in minimizing exposure and keeping our employees healthy.   Friday, March 20, 2020 In light of the COVID-19 outbreak Kodet is encouraging employees to work from wherever they feel safe for the time being. We have limited staff in our office – but we are all still working and designing for you. We appreciate the support and business from our clients, friends and others during these uncertain times and want to assure you that Kodet is remaining operational for […]

Universal Design

Universal design is the topic for the fourth video in our Library Video Series. It is important to consider universal design when creating and building public spaces so everything is accessible and everyone feels welcome. This is particularly important for library design since they serve such a diverse community, having an accessible, safe, and inviting space is imperative to the library’s mission. Kodet’s experts talk about what universal design is and what needs to be considered when designing with universal design in mind and also give some project specific examples from our recently completed renovation of Pleasant Hill Library. There’s a whole variety of people that need to be kept in mind when applying universal design to a space, but it really boils down to everyone needs to be included and considered. We place emphasis on people with handicaps or disabilities but the space needs to be designed so all people feel welcome and can have equal access to opportunities and features within the space. Below is a downloadable take-away that explains primary considerations for universal design and has a small, incomplete list of potential people who could have unique needs that need to be thought when designing spaces! There are 3 other videos in our Library Video Series including Library Trends, Design on a Budget and Making a Makerspace! Check them out and subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date with all things Kodet!

AIA Leadership | Kyle Palzer

At Kodet, we encourage all our employees to participate in volunteer opportunities that help strengthen the architecture community. Kyle Palzer, Assoc. AIA a designer here at Kodet, has been actively involved with the AIA North Central States Region Emerging Professional Committee as the Regional Associate Director, to help guide policy matters for the national professional organization. The committee has continued to strengthen its regional bonds over the last year with monthly working calls taking place between the four states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This past year the committee put into action the initiatives it laid out last year, resulted in the following: was launched, a new Emerging Professional focused website which provides resources, blogs, and recognition geared specifically for this AIA member category. The fourth annual Regional EP Summit took place in Madison, WI at the start of October hosted by AIA Wisconsin. The regional Emerging Professional Friendly Firm Award was introduced, similar to the former IDP Firm Award, it recognizes firms that do an outstanding job supporting young professionals. Kyle has been able to connect the region’s Emerging Professional leaders together and spearheaded the NCSR EP Friendly Firm Award.  Kyle’s term as the Regional Associate Director ends at the end of the year. However, he will continue to represent Associate AIA members as he steps into a new role on the AIA National Associates Committee, serving as one of four National At-Large Director for 2020-21 leading the Influence + Innovation work group. The goal of the workgroup will be to plug the voice of the Emerging Professional into the future initiatives AIA is working on. These include the 2021-2024 AIA Strategic Plan, “The Next Big Thing” – AIA’s committee and knowledge community restructuring plan, and AIA’s Climate Action Plan, known as “The Big Move”. To help foster this collaboration, the National Associates […]

Selecting the Perfect Furniture

Not all clients consider the benefits of having the architect also serve as the primary interior designer for a project. There are a numerous benefits, that range from comprehensive design aesthetics to understanding how all the details come together – to create well-rounded and thoughtfully designed project. CHARACTER + AESTHETIC Having the architect serve as the lead furniture designer/selector has many benefits for a client. First, the architect generally sets the overall design idea for a project, so they know exactly what pieces of furniture match the design aesthetics they were intending for a space.  Likewise, they can better choose pieces that fit a space well. For example, a round space could benefit from round furniture pieces to accentuate the characteristics of a room STYLE + CONSISTENCY The same quality holds true for picking out furniture fabrics in a project. If the architect is the lead designer in the this area, they can choose patterns + colors that again match the overall feel + style of your project.  This allows the furniture to work well with other pieces, has colors, and patterns that feel cohesive and additionally fit well within a space.   FINANCIAL BENEFITS Beyond the aesthetic benefits a project gains financially from having the architect as the lead interior designer.  The architect is uniquely positioned to be a natural non-biased party in the selection of furniture as they do not represent specific manufacturers or have financial stake in pushing new products or those that may have a higher margin of profit for a vendor.  The architect, can compare multiple vendors that offer similar products to help clients pick furniture that both matches their budget and project style. Architects can therefore help owners put together competitive solicitations for quotations, where they can then issue to multiple furniture vendors for […]