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AIA Leadership | Kyle Palzer

At Kodet, we encourage all our employees to participate in volunteer opportunities that help strengthen the architecture community. Kyle Palzer, Assoc. AIA a designer here at Kodet, has been actively involved with the AIA North Central States Region Emerging Professional Committee as the Regional Associate Director, to help guide policy matters for the national professional organization. The committee has continued to strengthen its regional bonds over the last year with monthly working calls taking place between the four states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This past year the committee put into action the initiatives it laid out last year, resulted in the following: aiancsr.com was launched, a new Emerging Professional focused website which provides resources, blogs, and recognition geared specifically for this AIA member category. The fourth annual Regional EP Summit took place in Madison, WI at the start of October hosted by AIA Wisconsin. The regional Emerging Professional Friendly Firm Award was introduced, similar to the former IDP Firm Award, it recognizes firms that do an outstanding job supporting young professionals. Kyle has been able to connect the region’s Emerging Professional leaders together and spearheaded the NCSR EP Friendly Firm Award.  Kyle’s term as the Regional Associate Director ends at the end of the year. However, he will continue to represent Associate AIA members as he steps into a new role on the AIA National Associates Committee, serving as one of four National At-Large Director for 2020-21 leading the Influence + Innovation work group. The goal of the workgroup will be to plug the voice of the Emerging Professional into the future initiatives AIA is working on. These include the 2021-2024 AIA Strategic Plan, “The Next Big Thing” – AIA’s committee and knowledge community restructuring plan, and AIA’s Climate Action Plan, known as “The Big Move”. To help foster this collaboration, the National Associates […]

Selecting the Perfect Furniture

Not all clients consider the benefits of having the architect also serve as the primary interior designer for a project. There are a numerous benefits, that range from comprehensive design aesthetics to understanding how all the details come together – to create well-rounded and thoughtfully designed project. CHARACTER + AESTHETIC Having the architect serve as the lead furniture designer/selector has many benefits for a client. First, the architect generally sets the overall design idea for a project, so they know exactly what pieces of furniture match the design aesthetics they were intending for a space.  Likewise, they can better choose pieces that fit a space well. For example, a round space could benefit from round furniture pieces to accentuate the characteristics of a room STYLE + CONSISTENCY The same quality holds true for picking out furniture fabrics in a project. If the architect is the lead designer in the this area, they can choose patterns + colors that again match the overall feel + style of your project.  This allows the furniture to work well with other pieces, has colors, and patterns that feel cohesive and additionally fit well within a space.   FINANCIAL BENEFITS Beyond the aesthetic benefits a project gains financially from having the architect as the lead interior designer.  The architect is uniquely positioned to be a natural non-biased party in the selection of furniture as they do not represent specific manufacturers or have financial stake in pushing new products or those that may have a higher margin of profit for a vendor.  The architect, can compare multiple vendors that offer similar products to help clients pick furniture that both matches their budget and project style. Architects can therefore help owners put together competitive solicitations for quotations, where they can then issue to multiple furniture vendors for […]

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Stories of AIA Leadership

I’ve never thought of myself as a leader, especially not when it came to my job. Having just finished school about a year ago, I began my professional career thinking the leaders in a firm were the principals and it stopped there. It would be years and years before I could ever work my way up to that position, if ever. However, working at Kodet has made my opinion on this take a full 180 degree turn. This firm is filled with leaders in all aspects of the architectural profession and beyond. Having this great group of role models around me has pushed me to take on more challenges and be more confident in what I do each day.  Because of this, I now think of myself as a leader as well.   Here at Kodet, we really value involvement in AIA. This gives us the opportunity to be involved in decision making regarding the future of the profession, get involved with students of all ages, and work to improve the public understanding and appreciation of architecture. Getting involved with AIA has given me a voice within the profession, allowed me to make connections with many great architects in the area, and provided numerous opportunities for me to serve the community. I am an associate director on the AIA Minneapolis Board, I have gotten involved with the AIA Minnesota Women in Architecture, and I have had the opportunity to speak to multiple high school classes about architecture. My story wouldn’t be possible without the great young leaders at Kodet. Here are a couple of the leadership stories from Kodet team members who have inspired and encouraged me: Katie Kangas, AIA Through AIA, Katie advocates for young people and women within the profession. Katie currently holds the position of AIA Minnesota […]