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Adapting To AXP

July brought more than fireworks and BBQ’s this summer for those on the path towards becoming an architect. A complete overhaul of the experience requirements to become an architect was put into motion, which has the potential to be a game changer for how those in the program gain and record experience. Formerly known as the Intern Development Program the new Architectural Experience Program (AXP) will require architecture firms to adapt in order to keep young talent advancing towards becoming licensed architects. In 2012 , NCARB conducted a national survey to review the old program and realized changes were needed in order to strive for better independent performance of required tasks at the completion of the program. The new AXP allows licensure candidates the opportunity to be more flexible with the number of hours needed for a particular task. This allows for greater time spent on a challenging task and less on ones candidates find easier, which is a major change from the static hours required in the old highly prescriptive system. Below are some of the biggest changes within AXP: 17 specific IDP experience areas are now 6 broad AXP experience areas These 6 areas align with the ARE exams and project phases, essentially WHAT YOU DO FOR AXP = WHAT YOU STUDY FOR ARE’S = WHAT YOU DO IN THE REAL WORLD! There are 96 listed tasks that licensure candidates are expected to have competency in at the completion of AXP. Reduction of supplemental experience in favor of firm-related project experience.   5 TIPS FOR FIRMS ADAPTING TO AXP To efficiently and effectively support those on the path to licensure Broaden Impact of Tasks Firms should encourage those in AXP to broaden the impact of their particular task into a greater network of interconnected tasks. By understanding how […]

Tips to Studying for the ARE’s

  The road to becoming a licensed architect is no easy feat. Juggling your job, studying, and life in general can be a challenge; however, preparation and planning can help the process. The intense 7-headed monster known as the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) can be a lengthy battle, which currently requires the test taker to demonstrate competency in 7 specific realms. The ARE examination is comprised of the following areas: Construction Documents & Services, Programming, Planning, & Practice, Site Planning & Design, Building Design & Construction Systems, Structural Systems, Building Systems, and Schematic Design. Yikes..I know, right?! But don’t worry, there is light at the beautifully designed architectural tunnel, and hopefully these tips for approaching the exams will benefit you! Set a date I realize it’s not an easy thing to do but I believe in you, you can do it! Plan ahead and look hard at your schedule to make sure it works for you but be sure to allow yourself at least 4 weeks to study for the test. Once you have successfully scheduled your test with a local registered testing site then you’re ready to put your plan into action. Don’t put it off; stick to the study plan you’ve created as this will help in avoiding a last minute cram session. Quick Tip: Schedule your test in the morning so you can get up and get after it, this will avoid any overthinking and added anxiety to build up the day of the test. Make a plan It seems like a lot…and well honestly it is, but you need to “plan your work and work your plan”, “just do the proverbial ‘it’”, “be all that one can be”, or whatever motivational mantra you deem appropriate for your newfound testing endeavor, but the fact of the matter is […]