Church of St. Wenceslaus

New Prague, MN

The St. Wenceslaus Catholic Community commissioned Kodet Architectural Group to perform an ADA Facility Analysis and General Upgrade Study to ensure equal access for all members of its congregation and provide the historic masonry structure with the improvements needed to continue its historic role in the New Prague community and as a building on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

Our team assessed the ways in which the structure served its members, provided a report outlining non-complying conditions, offered suggestions for modification, and prioritized items requiring attention.  Phase one involved the complete restoration of the entrance portico and plaza, including all new stone steps to match the existing steps and repair or replacement of the numerous decorative metal trim elements on the portico.  The plaza was also redesigned to be more in keeping with the historic character of the church, while at the same time becoming more functional for the parish.  Later proposed phases included the restoration of the church’s interior finishes, replacement of the lighting and electrical service, accessibility modifications throughout the building, and alteration of the sanctuary.