Mendota Heights Truck Station

Mendota Heights, MN

The MnDOT Mendota Heights Truck Station needed expansion for trucks, crew, and work areas. Kodet worked with MnDOT personnel to design an addition to double the heated truck parking. As trucks keep getting larger, the bays are larger than the original 1980s building to accommodate larger plows. Separate wash bays were also attached for better plow maintenance while decreasing the humidity inside the existing truck bay.

The most significant change at the facility is the removal of the current work bays to allow for expansion.  The Bridge Crew is increasing to 3 bays, with additional support areas adjacent.  The Repair Bay also expands to 3 bays, with extra space for mobile lifts, improved fluid distribution, and storage.

Other significant changes to the facility address equity issues.  The new women’s locker/restroom has more stalls, lockers, and a larger dressing.  Meanwhile, the old restroom has been remodeled into a gender-neutral restroom and locker room.  Furthermore, a private room was designed to accommodate both nursing mothers and those who needed to pray or have a moment of quiet. B3 guidelines were followed in the design, including acoustic performance.  This was especially important here due to the building’s proximity to the airport, which included upgraded glazing types and better-performing ceiling materials.