MCTC Kopp Hall

Minneapolis, MN

The challenge at  MCTC was to create a light, fun and comfortable interior student environment. They engaged Kodet to remodel the third floor of Kopp Hall into hallways and gathering spaces, staff offices, and classrooms.

A priority was placed on acoustics. One wall in each room was angled, ceiling heights varied, and absorptive materials were used. The angled walls of the rooms widen the halls and create a sense of place at the entrances.

Soffits at doorways, improved and varied lighting, and a variety of materials warm the aesthetics of the floor and integrate the area with the newer campus facilities. Kodet designed well lit, connecting halls that were attractive places for students to have conversation and social interaction.

In addition, Kodet was involved in programing innovative dynamic classrooms (illustrated below), which are currently awaiting funding. These classrooms allow great flexibility to utilize the rooms for multiple disciplines and accommodate various teaching and learning styles.