French Regional Park Program Building

Minneapolis, MN

This multipurpose program building is designed to be sympathetic and responsive to the surrounding natural landscape. A drop in grade allows the building to work on two different levels. Because the building occupies a pivotal site, it provides a commanding view of the park.  Large glazed areas are used throughout the building to take advantage of the view, as well as to allow ample natural light for interior activities.

Interior design includes concessions area, exhibit space, ski rental, and conference rooms. The exterior spaces incorporate large patios sheltered by overhangs.  There is an outdoor performance amphitheater used primarily during warm weather.  Custom light fixtures in the conference room won an AIA Minnesota Architectural Design Detail Award in 1994.

Kodet Architectural Group incorporates quality of interior design into all of our projects.  We provide an attention to detail that includes custom millwork and woodwork, lighting design and acoustical design that are space specific, interiors that connect with the exterior environment, and other elements that make the interior spaces work for the program intended.  Designing for accessibility is important for all our projects.

French Regional Park in the News:
AIA-MN Architectural Design Detail Award, 1994