Field Services Building

Elk River, MN

Elk River Municipal Utilities retained Kodet to help identify a site for the construction of a new facility. After reviewing multiple locations, our firm recommended the utility remain at its longtime address on Main Street and erect a new building large enough to accommodate additional staff, vehicles, and storage space.

Given the site’s proximity to Main Street and Elk River’s business district, Kodet designed a building that would mesh with its larger context. A community engagement process invited conversations about the design, and Kodet initiated meetings with key stakeholders. The planned exterior was designed to blend with other neighborhood structures, and details like a faux stone veneer, exposed glue-laminate beams, metal panels, and patterned exterior concrete give the building a handsome look that extends beyond its rugged function. In addition to ample vehicle and storage space, the new facility has private offices where staff and crew can meet and a sizeable open-office work area that can be configured and changed as needs and functions fluctuate. Additional women’s restrooms, often in short supply in public works facilities, were integrated into the plans. Clerestory and large office windows in the central work area ensure natural light throughout the day.