Community Center Expansion Pre-Design and Building Assessment

Mounds View, MN

The City of Mounds View is looking to offer its people more amenities while drawing more consumers into the downtown area. To do this, the City engaged Kodet Architectural Group to undertake a study assessing their existing community center and looking at expanding it.

Kodet and our team began by documenting the existing facility, looking at what spaces were available and what condition both the spaces and the systems were in.  After that, our team met with City staff, community center staff, and leaders of the various functions in the building, including the seniors, sports leagues, and youth programs, to discuss their needs.

The City also put up questions on their website asking for input.  Two significant items requested were an indoor walking track and an indoor play space for kids.  These two functions will allow the planned addition to serve even more needs for the broad spectrum of their community.