Administrative Service Center Counter Remodel

Hastings, MN

The Administrative Center counter updates required different solutions to fulfill the needs of the various departments. Kodet began by meeting with each group on-site to see how they previously worked and to hear about what changes they needed to work better. Our team returned with options for each area, providing different ideas to address the issues.

On the Lower Level, Kodet reviewed options for how to offer an enclosed lobby that still invites residents to use the Assessor’s Office’s services.  When we worked with the Property Services department, it was through early meetings that it was decided to add a ‘quick service’ counter down on the public level off the lobby so that people wouldn’t have to go through security to pay their taxes.  The project also provided an accessible service counter on their main for more detailed service needs.  Departmental needs differ, but determining what is needed initially for Dakota staff was critical. On the First Floor, Kodet reviewed the three departments and how their existing office spaces are configured.