Abigail Kummer

Abigail Kummer

Abby is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Architecture at Dunwoody College and interning at Kodet Architectural Group. She is a jack of all trades and helps wherever is needed but focuses on drawing construction document sets, picking up redlines, drafting details, and creating material boards. In addition to gaining experience at Kodet and through her schooling, Abby likes to participate in volunteer opportunities like Open Doors Minneapolis, Homes by Architects Tour, attending AIAS forums and going to various conferences.

Architecture interests Abby because of the ways design can bring creativity and beauty into our communities in ways people may not expect. Since working at Kodet, she has learned a lot about the ways of an architecture firm and what responsibilities it has. Abby is excited to have the opportunity to be working on a variety of project types (schools, fire station, infirmary, etc.) and being exposed to the many different phases of a project.

Outside of the office, she likes to paint, draw, run, travel, go on adventures, and spend time with her friends and family.

Academic Background

Associates Degree in the Architectural Design & Drafting Program, Dunwoody College


Email: akummer@kodet.com
Phone: 612.377.2737 ext 2111