Month: December 2019 (1)

Universal Design

Universal design is the topic for the fourth video in our Library Video Series. It is important to consider universal design when creating and building public spaces so everything is accessible and everyone feels welcome. This is particularly important for library design since they serve such a diverse community, having an accessible, safe, and inviting space is imperative to the library’s mission. Kodet’s experts talk about what universal design is and what needs to be considered when designing with universal design in mind and also give some project specific examples from our recently completed renovation of Pleasant Hill Library. There’s a whole variety of people that need to be kept in mind when applying universal design to a space, but it really boils down to everyone needs to be included and considered. We place emphasis on people with handicaps or disabilities but the space needs to be designed so all people feel welcome and can have equal access to opportunities and features within the space. Below is a downloadable take-away that explains primary considerations for universal design and has a small, incomplete list of potential people who could have unique needs that need to be thought when designing spaces! There are 3 other videos in our Library Video Series including Library Trends, Design on a Budget and Making a Makerspace! Check them out and subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date with all things Kodet!