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Applying for a Minnesota Legacy Grant? 4 Considerations for a Successful Submission

Applying for a Minnesota Legacy Grant can be an intimidating process. That’s why we’ve developed an overview list of four key factors for a successful application, based on our experience with the grant process for historic preservation projects in our office.      Minnesota Legacy Grants provide funding resources for historic preservation projects around the state. The Legacy Grant was developed by the Minnesota Historical Society and the grant’s official name is Historic & Cultural Heritage Grant for Historic Structures. If you have a historic preservation project that you are looking for funding for, these are a great resource for you! However, unless you’re a professional grant writer, the application process can be a challenge. The following considerations provide an overview of what is required for the application, clarification of some confusing submission requirements, and deadlines for the process.   1. Eligibility What projects are eligible for receiving a Minnesota Legacy Grant?  According to the grants manual ( “Properties must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places to be eligible for a [Minnesota Legacy Grant] project involving construction work.” Eligible Projects: -Acquisition of threatened historic property -Pre-development work for a historic building -Preparations of a Historical Structures Report -Completion of re-use study -Exterior building preservation work -Interiors systems work -Restoration of Historic Landscape -Damage assessment of erosion -Conservation or stabilization of an archaeological site Ineligible Projects: -Interior remodeling or modernization -General maintenance -Deferred maintenance -Excavation of archaeological site for data recovery -General landscaping/site work -Moving a historic building -Additions to historic buildings, even for accessibility   2. Documentation In addition to general information about the structure (where the structure is located, date constructed, etc.) the following building documentation is required for the Minnesota Legacy Grant application: Required: -Scope of Work Form -Photographs documenting existing conditions -Plans/drawings that illustrate existing conditions and proposed work […]